IT services

The pace at which digitalization is progressing, it’s of paramount importance to make sure that a company has a strong IT infrastructure and a well-equipped, efficient team capable of handling all the demands of the field while maintaining composure during a crisis. The team holds adept skills at services like:

i. Application development

Our expertise in developing applications which are on par with the industry has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the sector. Applications which help you lay your foundations and establish a strong foothold to help you reach your user base faster and smarter.

ii. Maintenance and support

We at Vertico BPO know that setting up a good IT infrastructure is just the first step, the real work begins when the task of maintaining and supporting the system to lay the groundwork for smooth functioning and future enhancements. Offering dynamic assistance with extensive support solutions to make sure there are no gaps in communication.

iii. Web services

A host of web services to help extend your brand and create a digital identity for itself and mark a spot on the digital map. Anything and everything related to your web needs, Vertico BPOhas got it covered.

iv. Network and Data Centre Services

Vertico BPO makes sure your IT system acts as the backbone of your company. Quick technical patches along with the flexibility to certify the best possible plan for your business which greatly improves the efficiency of the company.

Finance/ HR

Our success with accounts speaks for itself. With over 5000 expert invoice’s along with entering of various data like purchase ledger invoices, claim for billing matters etc. The Human Resource Department, on the other hand, operates with its main branch being located in India itself. The Indian team collaborates with the team in the UK to attend to matters like offer letters, certificates and other similar documents.

Scanning/ Archiving

At Vertico BPO we understand the importance of data and how crucial it is to always have a backup of it. The scanning department receives and stores files for easy access and use at a later date each having a unique identification number thereby making the search process easy and user-friendly.

Call Handling

Our switch board is broken up into teams, each of whom attend to and clear queries of a vast number of calls on a daily basis. Industry trained professionals who act as the median between clients and the company and also bear responsibility fax and post allocation services. The teams can handle it all.








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Information Technology

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Finance & HR

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Scanning & Archiving